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Tuning into the waves of healing

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What is


Sound healing is a form of healing that makes use of singing bowls. Each singing bowl corresponds to a different frequency, and each frequency serves a different purpose.

When we listen to music, we instinctively know which melodies lift our moods, and which melodies draw us into the depths of sadness. Even without words, these combinations of sounds have the capability with resonating with our emotions.


Similarly, the pleasant sounds produced from the singing bowl resonate with various healing capabilities within our body. These frequencies clears any blocked energies within, allowing our healing capabilities to be stimulated and activated once again.



deals with


Allow the vibrations from the singing bowls to resonate with the parts of you that are experiencing aches and allow these pains to be relieved.

Emotional Control

Just as music can stir emotions, Sounds from the singing bowls can sooth spikes of emotions, allowing a higher degree of awareness & control.


Allow the singing bowls to guide you deep into a meditative state, where you can let go of stress that does not serve you any more.

What to expect in a session of


In a typical session of sound healing, you will be lying down comfortably. Depending on the condition and reason for visit, the practitioner may place his/her singing bowl on your body directly, or close to it while  sounding the singing bowl.

During the session, some singing bowls would resonate better with you than others. You will also realize that some sounds created would last longer, and clearer than others. Those would differ from people to people as it reflects the state of the body during the session.

Even after the session, it is also normal that you may still "hear" lingering echoes of some specific singing bowls that resonated well with you.

There is no organ in the body that is not affected by sound, music and vibration. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony

- Mitchell Gaynor

The Outreach Process

1) If you require suggestions for the appropriate therapies, feel free to have a chat with us! We provide free consultation over Whatsapp, email, webchat, or even a face-to-face discussion.

2) If you have already decided on the therapy of your choice, you may you may like to contact some of our therapists directly here. Each therapist may provide a combination of healing modalities that may suit your need.

3) Payments will only be made to your therapist.

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