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What is Energy Healing and What can it do?

When we look into non-invasive healing methods for our physical or emotional issues, it is common for us to come across this "Energy Healing". Being a popular in both in countries in the East such as India and in the West, like America, several "Energy Healing" methods are also gaining popularity in countries like Singapore as well.

Before understanding what exactly is Energy Healing, we need to understand the basic concepts of "Energy" itself. What is "Energy" and how do we use them? In the short video below, we invited Grand Master Samarth to explain this deep topic in simpler terms for our easy understanding.

From his video, there are a few points highlighted:

1) Energy is everything. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can only be converted from one form to another.

Just like how eating "gives us energy", it is a transformation of one state (energy in food) to another (energy in our body). After eating, if we choose to run, we are converting this energy into kinetic energy (movement). If we choose to talk and sing, we are converting this energy into sound energy (noise/sound). If we choose to think and brood over problems, we convert this energy into mental & emotional energy (thoughts & emotions)

2) We can choose to channel this energy to anyone and anything

Just like the examples given earlier - this energy can also be chosen to be passed from one person to another. Depending on your intentions, this energy can have varying outcomes. Just like how punching someone with an intention to harm, is an example of transferring energy with negative intentions. On the other side of the spectrum, healing someone else, is an example of transferring energy with positive intentions.

While it is clear how punching someone harms another person, it is not that straightforward when it comes to energy transfer via healing. The first obvious reason is because, we cannot PHYSICALLY see the transfer happening. Even if a 10,000Volts live wire is put in front of us, we have no reason to believe that there is electricity running through it isn't it?

It is hard to believe there is actually energy flowing through this isn't it?
Is there really electricity running in there?

The second reason why it is not obvious to us is because we do not see the effects instantly. If this "live wire" is connected to your home appliance, but it is not able to turn on immediately, you wouldn't think there is any electricity running through the "live wire" as well!

As we rely too heavily on our five senses, just like how "Seeing is believing". The existence of energy healing becomes less easily proved. Of course, conversely, energy healing would be much more easily explainable if we are able to see a beam of energy shooting out from our hands while broken bones start to heal itself immediately wouldn't it? Unfortunately, just like electricity, much of the energy involved in Energy healing cannot be seen just like that.

Does is take this to make energy more believable?
Unfortunately, Energy doesn't look like this

So how does Energy actually heal us? In the next video below, our Grand Master Samarth further explains the mechanics of how Energy Healing works, and what it does for us.

There are a few points made in this video. However, the key point that is highlighted is that Energy Healing raises our frequencies to match the wants and desires that we want to fulfill.

To put in another example, when we walk into a kitchen in the middle of the night to grab a cup of water. We notice that the whole kitchen is in pitch darkness - even if the water is there, we might not be able to access it conveniently at the current state. However, when we turn on the lights, the Light Energy provides us sight to find what we want to find. Making something which was almost not possible before, now more easily done.

In application to our life, it works several ways as well - clearing abundance blocks, finding inner peace, recovering from illness & injuries and much more. Energy Healing raises our frequencies to allow better possibilities into our lives.

Even when times seem to be difficult, how you "seem" your life to be can be changed for the better. As long as we are alive and breathing, we have free will to make any choices we want. Energy Healing brings in more choices in life, even those that you have never thought of before, for you the make the best out of your life.

At Outreach SG, our Energy Healers provide you the healing that you require, from Reiki to Heart Healing, from physical injuries to emotional distress. The methods we use are fully capable of bringing harmony into your life. Visit us HERE to view our available services that best suit your needs.

For healing services by Grand Master Samarth, he conducts remote healing from India through his various energy works such as Lama Fera healing, Reiki and even Crystal healing. Contact us to arrange an appointment with him.

For any enquiries and clarifications, feel free to contact us for a discussion via any of our channels below!

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