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To reprogram and MIND Ourselves (Part 3): Feelings, Emotions and Habits

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

In this final section, we explore some of the most important features of our subconscious mind (SCM) that can be reprogrammed for better emotional and mental health. We will touch on the Feelings and Emotions tagged to events as well as the Behaviors and Habits that are formed over the course of the years of our life.

Feelings and Emotions

When we describe feelings, they are literally the physical sensations that we feel when we experience emotions. For example, when we are sad, we feel the tear glands watering up in our eyes. When we are angry, we feel our muscles tightening up etc. And the presence of these emotions are important in creating long lasting memories in our SCM.

If you think about the past, you will realize that the ones that are easiest to recall are those with the biggest emotional content. Try to recall a memory of a loss of someone important to you (a breakup, a death etc), and now, try to recall the lunch you had a week ago. Chances are, it is harder for you to recall your lunch, even though it could have been more recent than the first event.

Since these emotional content are more easily recall-able, these are the events that are held most closely to heart. Recalling joyous events are usually not the issue, but recalling unhappy events tend to be the ones that leave a crippling effect on our daily lives.

However, as emotions play a vital role in signalling a need for us to change, we do not remove any emotions during our reprogramming with hypnosis. Instead, we will work on the attitude and the roles of these emotions and how to cope with them. Reprogramming feelings and emotions with hypnosis mainly work on healthy coping mechanisms rather than throwing bad emotions away and keeping the good ones.

You realize that people with the strongest characters are not those that lack emotion, but rather those that have the strongest minds that can accept and manage them on a daily basis. As humans, we have emotions that run wild at times. Our minds are strong enough to bring them under control, but in the event that emotional management assistance is required, we at Outreach are always readily available to provide our assistance. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this post. Reach out to us today!

Habits & Behaviors

Habits may refer to both physical and mental habits. Physical habits refer to habits such as binge eating, smoking etc, while mental habits refer to repeated cycles of thought patterns that usually have emotional content tagged to it. Many times physical and mental habits are interlinked as well.

Habits can be seen as a collection of physical and mental behaviors that our SCM automates to make life easier for us. It combines our past memories, events, emotions tagged to events, feelings and other physical reactions to form quick shortcuts in life. For example, from young, when we see green, its a positive sign, while red is negative. When we drive on the roads, it becomes instinctive that green means go while red means stop.

Habits are shortcuts that we take whenever we want to achieve a certain outcome. However, we know that sometimes these habits may not serve us any longer, and it is possible to reprogram our minds to change it.

We usually are able to identify the physical habits that we have, but it is not easily taken apart by our sheer will. Similarly, mental habits are even harder to kick. This is where hypnosis works its miracles. Under the effect of hypnosis, we work on dissociating our habitual actions from our thought processes and emotions. Through hypnosis, the habits and behaviors formed by the SCM gets taken apart and reprogrammed with better behaviors that could improve your life instead!

For assistance in changing physical and mental habits, do reach out to us and let us help you with it! Live a life that is not bound to your past anymore.

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