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Sound Healing: The Experience

This post is regarding my experience in a Sound Healing Session, its procedures, duration and the sensations I experienced.

Prior to this session, I was already excited by the fact that Sound Healing was going to be a session where I could feel and experience something physically. And just like how scientifically everything has its own frequencies, Sound Healing had an additional appeal since it was scientifically backed.

I had made my appointment with the Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner, Amanda, days before the session. However, on the day of the session, I had this throbbing headache, coupled with some stiffness and pain at the back of my neck and my shoulders. It might have been due to the wet weather, or some work-related issues, but either way I wasn't in a good condition that day.

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by Amanda at her home studio. It was a neat and cosy place and it was darkened such that it had a relaxing atmosphere. The singing bowls and an individual mattress was already all laid-out in the middle of the hall, well-prepared for the session. We briefly chatted as she explained about how the Tibetan Singing Bowls could help with our health as well as what to expect from a session.

It was then when I told her that I had been getting these headaches on and off, coupled with the discomfort in my neck and shoulders. She invited me to take a sit on the mattress as she provided me with a drop of scented oil. And unlike perfumes, the aroma produced was totally soothing and calming as well. As I applied it on my areas of discomfort, she prepared for the start of the session.

As I mentioned to Amanda that I was looking for a balancing session, she explained that there will be 3 main segments to it. During the first segment, she balanced a singing bowl on my head (as though I was wearing a hat). As she sounded the singing bowl, the sound it made gave out a low resounding chime that circulated around my head. It was literally a surround sound experience. I could feel the reverberations at the tip of my head where the bowl was balanced. A few minutes later, I could also feel heat trapped within the spaces of the bowl. I was then told that it was due to the exchange of energy and vibrations that caused the heating of air within the bowl. But wow! I didn't expect it to product that much heat!

In the next segment, I was told to lie down on the mattress, while Amanda placed 1 bowl above my head, 1 bowl on top of my chest, and another bowl in between my legs. This segment was a tad bit longer as she paced up and down while sounding the 3 singing bowls one by one. Each bowl sounded different and the sensations felt on the different parts of my body were quite different as well. It was an odd, but yet nice feeling!

In the final segment, 3 bowls were placed around my head. And similarly, they were sounded in one by one in sequence. This lasted much longer than the previous 2 segments. During this process, I could actually feel some tightness around my neck loosening up and relaxing - how effective!

Unknowingly, around 60minutes has passed. As I sat back up, Amanda briefly went through what she did for me while explaining the sensations she picked up from me while she was going through the session.

After a few more minutes of chatting or so, I slowly got up and as I was prepared to leave, I felt that my headache was already gone! The tightness in my neck was still there but the pain had subsided. I guess that was good enough evidence that it really worked well for me at least!

The entire session was definitely beneficial for me, and I would suppose it would be beneficial for anyone with lots of stress and tension built up within your body. Allowing the vibrations permeate through the body was a relaxing and enjoyable experience and I would do it again if the need arises!

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