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Jin Shin Jyutsu: The Experience

This article is regarding my experience in a Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) session, its procedures, duration and feelings that experienced.

To understand JSJ a little further, I had previously met my Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Carolyn, to discuss what can I expect the session to be like (and to dispel any fears that I have). And what attracted me to give JSJ a shot is the few points below that she mentioned.

- Work on Meridians: Just like how TCM uses acupuncture, JSJ uses holds onto the meridians, or energy channels, itself. Well, at least meridians is something I've heard of!

- Painless: I don't have a fear of needles or acupuncture, but traditional massages are sometimes too painful for me to enjoy. So being painless is really a huge plus!

- Hassle-free: Unlike Hypnotherapy where you will be required to provide constant feedback, in JSJ, you don't have to do anything at all! Just lie down, relax and let the JSJ practitioner do all the work!

- Idiot-proof: If you have a lingering pain somewhere in your tummy, you don't have to know whether you have an upset stomach, kidney stones, intestine issues or whatever. The JSJ practitioner can tell what issues you may be facing from your pulse.

Well, with all these, it made JSJ so simple for a client to just walk in for a session! I was sold!

And so, approximately a week after scheduling an appointment with Carolyn, its finally the day that I get to experience it for the first time!

I arrived at her JSJ place a little earlier than the appointment time. It was a therapy centre that rented rooms to therapists by appointment basis. I sat on the couch at the waiting area as Carolyn was still attending to another client.

Around 5 minutes later, she came over to me and attended to me with a warm smile, inviting me into the therapy room. Well, to be clear, I am not diagnosed with any physical health issues or mental illnesses. JSJ works well with issues correlating to the organs, but it also does wonders for people who seem to be of good health, like myself. This session was more like a "body maintenance check", to balance the body rather than a healing session.

As I lay onto the therapy bed fully-clothed, Carolyn returned to the room and asked me to just relax and make myself comfortable. She asked for permission to place her hands on me, which obviously I agreed as I knew that JSJ was a hands-on healing modality.

She started by taking my pulse, just like how TCM practitioners do. After a short while she commented that I was in rather good state! (phew!) She asked for my horoscope as well, as she was commented that horoscopes do affect the sequence of her therapy treatment. This was the first time I heard of this, but well, it was interesting to find out that there were links between horoscope and healing methods!

She then shifted her hand positions to what she called a Spleen Plough, holding it for a few minutes before shifting to another position for another few more minutes and so on. Her hands here gently placed on different areas on my body, without much pressure or effort. As it progressed, I could immediately feel myself relaxing, even though the therapy bed wasn't as comfortable as those beds that we usually sleep in.

To prevent myself from falling asleep, as well as to satisfy my curiosity, I started asking Carolyn about what shes doing to me. She patiently gave me a live commentary and she explained, with terms as simple as she could. Though honestly speaking, I am not that smart to remember and understand everything she said, as it was all still quite chim!

And after what seems to be an hour, an hour passed! It felt so comfortable that I wanted to lay there longer but its more or less the "maximum duration" the body can take for a session, so I guess, its times up for me!

During the entire session, at some positions, I could feel minor sensations, some of it in forms of "something" flowing within my limbs, and others in forms of involuntary muscle movements. So in a sense, most sensations were those subtle kind that make you go "ooh cool!" rather than those that make you go "OMG what's happening to me!".

The session was a very calming and relaxing one. As I wasn't expecting any sort of immediate physiological changes (eg sudden muscle strengthening, nose bleeds etc), the session was within my expectations. Even though JSJ itself is very useful for stress relief, emotional management and boosting of the immune system, there may not be an immediate visible effect.

However, due to how relaxing and calming the entire session was, I would say that it feels like stress had been alleviated! If you feel that work stress is taking a toll on your body, eg insomnia, stiff neck/shoulder etc, JSJ would be something worth trying!

All in all, the JSJ experience was an enjoyable one, and it is recommended for those who have stress-related issues, as well as other physical and emotional health as well. However, as a disclaimer, this is not a substitute for any ongoing medications as diagnosed by doctors!

For more information on JSJ, do visit our information page at or contact us to find out more!

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