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HOW do I know WHEN would I need emotional HELP?

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

There were times when people would stare at you if you said that you have undergone some form of therapy. In some countries like America, such times are long gone, as it has become a common form of treatment.

However, the mental health scene in Singapore is way behind that of America. Until today, people are still skeptical and unaware of what mental and emotional health is. This is alarming, especially in a first-world country like ours, where our schedules are packed and stress-levels are high. How can we not know the state of our emotional and mental health?

Long-term stress can have devastating impacts on our emotional and mental health

We can tell easily when we are physically unhealthy, we get sick, our bodies feel pain and discomfort. And we know how to get rid of these discomfort - by seeing a doctor. Now note that I mentioned getting rid of discomfort, but not curing ourselves. Why?

Other than transmitted diseases, the cause of illnesses usually stems from within the body. Under ordinary circumstances, the body doesn't get sick for no apparent reason. Factors such as physical intake (eg eating too much "heaty" foods), mental pressure (eg stress from work) and emotional imbalances (eg too much of a certain emotion) are usually the main causes of these illnesses. They may not surface immediately, but they may show themselves in one form or another as these emotions stay unresolved over time.

Here we discuss some forms of illnesses that emotional imbalances may cause when unresolved over time. If you experience one or more of such symptoms, you may like to consider re-looking into the state of your own emotional wellness.

Emotional Health Symptoms

You realize that you are experiencing too much emotions on a regular basis.

Emotional Health in a Glance
  • You get easily overreact to people/events, only to regret afterwards.

  • You always feel anxious of what may happen at a certain event in the future.

  • You feel constantly upset at something that has already passed.

These are some examples of emotions revealing themselves when logically they shouldn't. Emotional symptoms caused by emotional imbalances are usually more direct and traceable to the root cause with hypnotherapy.

Mental Health Symptoms

You find yourself stuck in thought patterns that does not make sense.

Mental Health in a Glance
  • You jump to conclusions that there will be bad outcomes even before trying.

  • You feel negative preconceived notions about certain people/group(s) of people.

  • You feel that there is something wrong with yourself.

These are some examples of mental symptoms manifesting from unresolved emotions from the past. These are usually habitual thought patterns that most people have to varying degrees.

Disclaimer: These symptoms are not necessary problems, until you decide to label them as one. Everyone have different thresholds to what is acceptable and what is not, only you can make your own decision on how you view your thought patterns.

Life Tip: Noticing that you have these thought patterns is already a groundbreaking first step in self-improvement. Self-awareness itself is sufficient to bring positive changes. Breaking free of them takes time and effort, but it may very well be worth it.

Physical Health Symptoms

You realize that you are subject to recurring and yet unknown causes of issues in your physical body.

  • You have unexplained pains/itches in the same part of your body

  • You constantly fall sick even though your diet is well

  • Deformities or unwanted growths start appearing in/on your body

These are some examples of unresolved emotional issues, when lodged in the body over time, manifesting as physical symptoms. Its common for us to see a doctor for such issues, and subsequently given drugs to suppress the pain or to relief the symptom. However, the root causes of them are usually not resolved, and they may still come back over time.

These symptoms stated above are just some examples that may be attributed to unresolved emotions, not necessarily, but likely. Resolving them is usually quite simple. While modern medicine keeps the symptoms in check, we use complementary/alternative healing methods to resolve the roots of the problem.

The range of healing methods that we provide at Outreach SG is meant to address these issues through various means that best suit you. From hypnotherapy, to sound therapy (coming soon), energy work (reiki healing) and even acupressure (coming soon), we understand that everyone's conditions and inclination to each methods are different.

Do talk to us to find out more about how we can assist you with any emotional issues that you may be facing. Contact us at our LIVE chat at the bottom, or drop us an email at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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