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Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Ever wondered why do some people always stay dissatisfied and unhappy, no matter what circumstances they are in? If you would like to experience it yourself, here are 5 ways to keep yourself chronically unhappy.


It's so common that we see in our school report cards or work testimonials " a responsible person". But... are you really?

We have come so far doing the the actions that we have been taking. Instead of blaming others for our circumstances, how many of us choose to take responsibility for our actions instead? When we did something wrong, isn't so easy for us to blame it on external and "unforeseen" circumstances?

Taking it a step further, what about our thoughts and emotions? When we are angry/sad, how easy is it for us to blame others for "making" us feel that way? Are we able to take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions as though it is something that belongs to us?

If you would like to be chronically unhappy, do not take any of these responsibilities!

2. Fill yourself with NEGATIVITY

Imagine a half-filled glass. How would you describe it? Is it either half full or half empty? You are an optimistic person if you said that its half full. You are a pessimistic person if you said its half empty. However, you are just goddamn smart if you said its both half full and half empty at the same time!

We Singaporeans are generally quite negative people. Maybe it's the stressful work environment? Or maybe it's the high temperatures that we experience all year round? Or it could be a combination of everything! But either way, we really love complaining don't we?

Glad that there's more soup here? Or unhappy that there's less there? Or just dissatisfied with the lack of standards?

Generally complaining removes any possible good things that may come to us. It reflects the fact that we do not appreciate what we already have, but we expect more instead. Many of us do not appreciate what we have, until we lose them, which then sinks us into further misery.

This is the perfect direction to head towards! Be more Singaporean and complain more for an un-happier life!

3. Hyper-inflate your EGO

Are we all equal? Or are some of us more equal than others?

We realize that we look and judge at ourselves differently from how we judge others. Ego occurs when we feel that we are more important than others. But, does that serve a purpose?

If everything good that happens is because of your efforts, while everything bad that happens is the fault of others, this makes a good recipe for unhappiness!

If you think that your expectations (of people, events etc) should always be met, you will be highly disappointed. Similarly, if you feel that you always have preconceived expectations of others to meet, wouldn't you feel suffocated? We have this idea of "saving face", but how far do you take this to? Are you still being yourself if you are hung up on the idea of the image you need to keep in front of others?

You can start by visualizing the world revolving around you. The sun, earth, moon are also orbiting around you... When you are able to do that, you have achieved DIVINE UNHAPPINESS.

4. Be AFRAID, very AFRAID!

In Singapore, we are either "kiasu" (scared of losing), "kiasi" (scared of dying), or both. If everything also "kia" (scared), how to be happy like that?

When I see my bills every month

Fear is crippling. It robs us of everything joyful once it sets in. However, in this stressful environment, we have unknowingly developed illogical fears, phobias, habits and urges to cope with our lifestyles.

Living in fear is tiring and draining. But knowing your fears is the first step to making the change. If you like to stay unhappy, remain ignorant of your fears, and be very afraid!

5. Never FORGIVE, Never FORGET

Think about the last time you blew your top. Are you still angry with the person that made you angry? Or were you able to forgive him/her?

Forgiveness is not about forgetting either. However, it is about learning to let go of things and events that has already passed. Releasing these emotions is the key to happiness. If you don't want to be like the Buddha, hold on to more grudges! See yourself filled with rage, sadness and sickness in the future too!

CONVERSELY, if you are looking for ways to lead yourself towards a happier life, DO NOT follow any of the above 5 ways then! Working towards a happier life will definitely be tougher, are you ready for it?

Of course, these 5 characteristics are somewhat present in all of us, as we are all not perfect. However, if any of them seem to be affecting you in your day to day life, you might want to consider working on them!

If you are able to identify yourself with one or more of such characteristics, that is already the first step to changing for the better. The next step would be to effectively make corrective work to a better life! It may not be easy, especially with deep-seated issues.

However, we at Outreach are able to provide consultation to guide your through your issues! There is no shame in seeking help! It is only about how far are you willing to go to grow out of your existing circumstances.

If ever you require a consultation or further assistance, we at Outreach provides services that range from Hypnotherapy to Energy work that would be able to relief you from any debilitating issues! We provide free consultation (via email, live chat or whatsapp) if you would just like some advice as well!

Not sure if you need assistance? Check out our article below to see if you may need an additional hand to pull yourself out of your current circumstances:

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