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5 SIGNS you might already be turning CRAZY

Ever wanted to find out how close you are to being crazy? Have a look at the 5 signs below to see if you are... close enough.

1. You spend more time everyday thinking of what to eat, wear and do, than actually eating, wearing and doing

If you are exactly like the aforementioned, I would wonder.... are you TOO free!?! Most of us in Singapore don't have the luxury to spend the whole day thinking do we!

Indeed in Singapore we are just so spoiled for choice. From shopping, to food, and even other activities during free time, we have so much to choose from. Of course, it is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL to be indecisive in the face of choice, but if it stumps you for couples of hours daily, it may be an issue as well.

The issue of chronic indecisiveness is rather uncommon, but it is becoming a growing problem. If you spend more time living inside of your head rather than living the real world, that's a real sign of something wrong!

Even though it might seem like a first world problem that is usually passed off as a joke, chronic indecisiveness usually hides an underlying issue of anxiety. So before it develops into something worse in your later years, get help as soon as you can!

2. You call your loved ones every hour to check for their safety

If this applies to you, it might just be aging.... plus a dash of anxiety, a sprinkle of control-freakish-ness and pinch of overthinking mixed to form a concoction of chronic worrying! You need to CHILL OUT, Singapore is (relatively) safe! With so much safety measures and regulations in every layer of our society, you're better off worrying about the chances of a spontaneous human combustion instead! (Actually no, please don't end up worrying about that either)

When we were younger, sometimes we get annoyed when we hear our elders continuously asking if we have eaten, if we are doing okay and so on. However as we grow older, we start to understand these feelings as we tend to hold our immediate family even closer to our heart. We would want to know if our loved ones are doing fine too. Being concerned, of course, is normal as we are all being emotional beings.

Then, where is the line between normal concern and chronic worrying? This is subjective, but well, as long as it starts to disrupts your day-to-day life (or the lives of others), you might have already crossed the line. As bad as it may have impacted your life or the lives of others around you, it can also be reversed and relieved too as long as you identify it as early as possible!

3. You greet people with "sorry"s instead of "hello"s

Sorry, this problem might be a really difficult one, sorry. If you talk like that, you really just want people to feel sorry for you don't you?

Not to be confused with being introverted, or just plain politeness, this is a case of inadequacy instead. Being conflict avoiding, saying sorry for everything and hoping to get by in life without any problems is just a sign of low self-esteem and self-confidence. The above might be an extreme case, but without knowing, many of us do have some signs of inadequacy hidden within us too.

Wanting to speak up, but ended up keeping silent? Wanting to chase your dreams, but ended up just daydreaming about it? If you realize that you have the habit of backing off even before getting anything started, how about you start working on yourself today? Feeling mediocre snowballs and manifests itself in many other ways, so do not let it get to you!

Many of us might have felt worthless at some point of our lives, but most of us can get out of it, and so can you. Step up and BE AWESOME!

4. You have just spent the last 96 hours working without sleep in the office

SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! Was that your battle cry before your entering your work-frenzy mode? Continue that and you may be sleeping eternally soon!

We live in a stressful society where we are always expected to outperform ourselves. However, working long hours might not be the best solution to getting the job done. Productivity takes a dive once proper rest is neglected. In fact, research has shown that managers could not tell the difference between employees who worked 80hrs a week and those who pretend to. Have a look at this article for more details:

Does this deter you from working excessively now?

If not, its probably not so much about work performance that you're concerned about, but other underlying factors instead. Is it an escape from a more stressful home life? Or just a desire to prove your importance? There could be a multitude of reasons that causes overworking, but either way it has proved to be detrimental to our health. If there's any un-explainable urge that causes you to overwork, seek help before its too late!

5. You realize that your fingers are stuck from excessive usage of your mobile device

If you can read this article up til here, I'm sure your fingers are fine. As ridiculous as it may sound, this is no joke. The article here shows a living proof of someone checking off this achievement:

Our mobile devices have became an essential part of our lives. However, excessive usage of it forms an addiction. It could be an addiction to the tons of mobile games, video/drama streaming, social media with infinite scrolling, or just plain texting with anyone and everyone available. Many of us are guilty of being glued to our phones the entire day, unable to leave it alone.

Before it takes form as physical disabilities, ask yourself if there is a need to tend to your phone at all times. Are you living your world inside your phone? Many people live their lives hopping from one form of addiction to another. Are you one of them? If you are, you can get out of the cycle!

These 5 signs above are common in high-stress societies like Singapore, they may not be that extreme, but many Singaporeans do exhibit some variations of these symptoms. It may be due to the fact that the pace of our society is too fast, and without proper outlets for unwinding, unconsciously some form of anxiety and stress has been implanted within us.

Coping mechanisms like addictions may have surfaced to combat the stress we have as well. It may be a distraction from life for some, and a "second" life for others. Either way, anything done in excess is never good for us.

The good thing is, if you find yourself with any of these signs but you are unable to get out of if, help is available! At Outreach, we recommend and employ the most suitable treatment for any emotional/mental/physical issues that you may have. Chat with us today to find out how we can tackle your issues together!

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