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3 reasons why ADULTING is the BEST THING that could happen to us

Stepping into the workforce, taking on responsibilities and becoming a full fledged adult is something that most of us will go through at certain points in our life. Many of us may feel that this is an arduous process, but there here are some reasons why adulting is actually that BEST THING that could happen to us!

1) We gain the POWER of FREEDOM

Imagine yourself being 10 year old, and you go up to your parents saying, "I want to be Sailormoon!" your parents might have laughed it off, calling you ridiculous. But as an adult.... NOW YOU CAN!

You can be anything you want to be!

The younger version of us have usually been under much more restrictions, from the subjects we learn in school, to the habits we form at home, there isn't really much choices or deviations from the social norm.

However, adulting instead gives us the right to pursue what we want to do, to change our own circumstances, to reach out to our goals and to move away from the "mainstream". Who said that you will forever be stuck in your current state/ circumstances? As long as it is legal, who is there to tell us what we can/cannot be?

In Singapore, as the education system is so robust, our minds have been trained to have a "good employee" mindset and attitude. We have learnt to "go with the flow" for so many years.

Being educated in the same system doesn't make us all walk down the same path

Even when we are finally adults, many of us already learnt to accept whatever comes, and we "make do" with it. And that makes many of us feel that adulting is a BURDEN, taking on so many responsibilities in things we don't see meaning in. That's usually due to the fact that we are not taking good advantage of adulting: the FREEDOM, as human beings, to unleash our potential and chase what we believe in!

If you have been going with the flow your entire life and you feel that you're unhappy with where you are in life or dissatisfied with your accomplishments so far, know that you have the potential in you to make a change in your life! Take responsibility for your own life and live a fulfilling one!

2) We gain the ABILITY to GIVE

One major advantage we have as adults: MONEY. As we have taken when we are young, we now learn to give. To our loved ones, to the people who needs it, to the companies that provide us with their goods and services, and sometimes...... money to government

As the saying goes, What goes around comes around. As much as we have taken, we need to give as well. That does not only apply to money though, we can contribute back to the society in non-monetary means as well! From doing charity or even small acts of kindness, to working for a cause that supports people who needs it.

One day when we are no longer able to give, we take once again. So, do unto others what you want others to do unto you!

3) We gain the capability of MANAGING our HOLISTIC well-being

As kids, we are more easily satisfied once we get our favorite toys and new clothes etc. However, as we grow older, we realize that just having material stuff isn't enough to make us satisfied anymore.... or is it?

And now, we got a job, and money for candy!

Growing up makes us more capable of getting the things that we need in life. However, we learn that material possessions does not equate to happiness or satisfaction. You do not need a Porsche or a bungalow to be happy, neither does living in a HDB make you a sad person.

Of course, cash is still important to get what we need, but our focus turns to non-physical needs such as our emotional and mental well-being. We realize that having all the money in the world doesn't mean anything if means losing everyone around us.

We learn how to manage stress, appreciate life on a day to day basis, love the people around us. We leap through obstacles in life, from work stress to financial issues and even loss of loved ones.

Every event happens for a purpose - to grow us, and for us to discover what means the most to us. We learn to prioritize stuff that matters, rather than stressing over insignificant details, eventually contributing to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Even if right now, you realize that none of these are working out as mentioned above, it is fine. There will a time when each one of us realize our potential to live out the life that we want, and to live a life for our own sake.

Sometimes, we understand that it may be a challenge to break out of a stable cycle, there may be fears of the unknown, or a lack of motivation to get into something new. We at Outreach lend a helping hand to people who wants to appreciate these benefits of adulting but are held back for some reason. Reach out to us! We are available for complimentary consultations at your convenience. We also provide a range of methods to assist you in gaining clarity in life as well!

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