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Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.

- Wayne Gretzky


Resolve existing issues by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind

Quantum Touch

Resolve physical deformities by utilizing the energy of the universe

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General Consulting

We provide an in-depth consulting service during house visit to further understand the conditions prior to advising suitable healing methods

Reiki Healing

Improve wellness by receiving positive energy into your body

Sound Therapy

Reap various health benefits by tuning into the vibrations of the singing bowls

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The Way Forward



Chat with us LIVE or fill out our contact form

We will get back to you and arrange a house visit for an in-depth consultation

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During the house visit, an in-depth consultation process will allow us to assess your condition and suitability for each therapy

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You will then be assigned to the respective therapy depending on your suitability and interest. Your information will be given to the therapists for a close follow-up

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An appointment will be arranged between you and the assigned therapist. Attend the therapy session and allow healing to take place!

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Zodiac Chart

What to expect in a session of


A session of Akashic Records Reading would usually be divided into 2 portions.

In the first portion, you may start by going through a series of questions with the Akashic Records Reader. He/She will recommend the ideal way of phrasing the questions to get most out of the session when the reading starts. During the reading, ask the questions that you want to ask and let the Akashic Record Reader convey the answers and advice to you.

During the reading, both you and the Akashic Records Reader will be awake and in full control of your body.


In the second portion, after the reading is done, there will be a session of energy cleansing to work on the issues that was presented during the reading itself. 

You will be lying down awake while the energy cleansing is being done. Some people may feel sensations of heat, tingling or pressure, while others may enter a state of relaxation.

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