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Boosting Vital Energies

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What is


Lama Fera is a highly powerful Healing Technique which is been performed by connecting with the energies of Lord Buddha in a state of Buddhahood. Lama Fera is practiced by the Tibetan Lamas. The word ‘Lama’ means Disciple of Lord Buddha and the word Fera means round or more specifically around the body with the energy of Lord Buddha.

Lama Fera healing helps you connect with your higher self relieving of any type of pain, chronic or psychological diseases. It is considered as the world’s fastest & most powerful healing technique for physical problems by increasing the vital energy of the body.




deals with


Lama Fera energy removes pressure of thoughts and increases the vital energy of the bodies

Chronic Diseases

The Energy of Lord Buddha is channeled through the Healer and directed towards diseases or illness.

Physical Injuries

Energy of Lama Fera boosts into oneself while allowing damaged cells to reconstruct, starting the healing process.


What to expect in a session of


During a Lama Fera distant healing session, after a 10 minute call prior to the session, you may just stay relaxed and calm at the comfort of your own place, with your arms kept open and eyes closed. The practitioner will then channel Lord Buddha's energy to heal a particular illness or disease.

You may experience sensations depending on your sensitivity to energy. Some people experience heat, tingly sensations or coldness on parts of their body, while some people do not feel anything at all.

However, at the end of the session, people typically feel refreshed and re-energized, whether or not they had any physical sensations during the session.

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease

- Buddha

Image by Hrithwik

The Outreach Process

1) If you require suggestions for the appropriate therapies, feel free to have a chat with us! We provide free consultation over Whatsapp, email, webchat, or even a face-to-face discussion.

2) If you have already decided on the therapy of your choice, you may you may like to contact some of our therapists directly here. Each therapist may provide a combination of healing modalities that may suit your need.

3) Payments will only be made to your therapist.

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