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Unleashing the energy in the meridians

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What is


Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is a form of bodywork that works on the vital life force energy within us, or what we call Qi. 


As Qi flows within the energy pathways in our body, it nourishes our cells and vital organs. When the pathways become restricted, physical symptoms such as pain and discomfort start appearing. And JSJ works to re-harmonize this energy flow.

As an advanced form of acupressure therapy, this gentle and effective method uses holds onto certain positions to release any restricted energy pathways.

Unlike acupuncture, there are no needles used during the process, making it suitable for almost everybody. 



deals with


Blocked energies could cause unwanted stress that lingers on from the past to the present. JSJ releases these blockages relieving these overdue stress.


Imbalances of our energy may cause emotional outbursts. These issues can be resolved once JSJ re-harmonizes the Qi within the body.

Boosting Immune System

Prevention is always better than cure. Our immune system may deteriorate over time. JSJ allows for maintenance in our immune systems to take place.

What to expect in a session of


A typical session of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) would start of with taking of your pulse, just like how TCM practitioners will do. With that, the JSJ practitioner will be able to advise on treatment procedures for that session.

During the session, you will be lying down, fully clothed as the JSJ practitioner places his/her hands on the respective meridians on your body. It does not involve massage, but rather a sequence of hand placements that resolves any restrictions in the flow of Qi.

The session would typically feel relaxing and usually a relief of emotional, physical and mental stress could be immediately felt after the session.

The smooth, balanced flow of Qi is the single most important determinant to your health vitality and happiness

- Bruce Frantzis

The Outreach Process

1) If you require suggestions for the appropriate therapies, feel free to have a chat with us! We provide free consultation over Whatsapp, email, webchat, or even a face-to-face discussion.

2) If you have already decided on the therapy of your choice, you may you may like to contact some of our therapists directly here. Each therapist may provide a combination of healing modalities that may suit your need.

3) Payments will only be made to your therapist.

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