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Restoring the Heart's core

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What is


Heart Healing is a form of Energy Healing that focuses on healing issues related to the heart.

In life, many of us would have been emotionally hurt before in one way or another, especially by the people who we are closest to. And at times, to protect ourselves, we might have walled up our hearts in defense. 

The 5 techniques used in Heart Healing works on the heart to restore its original capabilities of emotions, nurturing, love and more. It is a highly focused healing modality that is effective with issues to the heart core.



deals with

Giving & Receiving Love

Heart Healing fills your heart with love, reminding you what love is. Allowing you to freely give and receive love.

Heart Issues

Heart Healing re-establishes the flow between the head and the heart, allowing physical healing to take place.

Emotional Issues

Heart Healing opens up and expands your heart’s energies, so that you may fully experience your emotions and feelings without restriction or limitation.

What to expect in a session of


During a Heart Healing session, you may discuss the existing issues with the practitioner. After which, you will be laying down, relaxing with your eyes closed. Depending on the issues you are facing, the practitioner will use the appropriate techniques that addresses the issues.


As the practitioner transfers energy, you may experience sensations depending on your sensitivity to energy. Some people experience heat, tingly sensations or coldness on parts of their body, while some people do not feel anything at all. The healing will take place whether or not you feel any physical sensations during the session and may continue for up to 48 hours after the session ends.

Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing. Peace is the measure

- Phyllis McGinley

The Outreach Process

1) If you require suggestions for the appropriate therapies, feel free to have a chat with us! We provide free consultation over Whatsapp, email, webchat, or even a face-to-face discussion.

2) If you have already decided on the therapy of your choice, you may you may like to contact some of our therapists directly here. Each therapist may provide a combination of healing modalities that may suit your need.

3) Payments will only be made to your therapist.

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