Finding Guidance for your own Life

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What is


The Akashic Records can be thought of as a library, or a compendium where all human events and activities are recorded since the beginning. Everyone of us has a book that details our lives, past, present and possibilities for the future. They represent a realm on their own, one that is overseen by Light Being, or Spiritual Guides.

When Akashic Record Readers tap into your record, they are able to look into the specific aspect of your life which you have questions or issues with, and communicate the advice and messages of the Light Beings.

Come with an open mind, be prepared with the specific issues that you need guidance on, and seek the answers from the Akashic Record Readers.



deals with


Lay out your choices and find out which are the most suitable ones that would allow you to reach your goals.

General Guidance

If you are ever lost in life, ask for guidance and you will receive. Regain purpose in your life.


Understand how you became who you are today and resolve any issues that does not serve you any longer.

What to expect in a session of


A session of Akashic Records Reading would usually be divided into 2 portions.

In the first portion, you may start by going through a series of questions with the Akashic Records Reader. He/She will recommend the ideal way of phrasing the questions to get most out of the session when the reading starts. During the reading, ask the questions that you want to ask and let the Akashic Record Reader convey the answers and advice to you.

During the reading, both you and the Akashic Records Reader will be awake and in full control of your body.


In the second portion, after the reading is done, there will be a session of energy cleansing to work on the issues that was presented during the reading itself. 

You will be lying down awake while the energy cleansing is being done. Some people may feel sensations of heat, tingling or pressure, while others may enter a state of relaxation.

Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant

- Paulo Coelho

The Outreach Process

1) If you require suggestions for the appropriate therapies, feel free to have a chat with us! We provide free consultation over Whatsapp, email, webchat, or even a face-to-face discussion.

2) If you have already decided on the therapy of your choice, you may you may like to contact some of our therapists directly here. Each therapist may provide a combination of healing modalities that may suit your need.

3) Payments will only be made to your therapist.